Privacy and site policies

Privacy and site policies for are pretty simple:

Any comments and the name you post them under are public. If you wouldn’t say it in a crowded room, don’t say it here. If you don’t want people to know your full name, email address or other details about you, don’t post them.

Any information you share with us that is meant to be private will stay private. That includes your email address. We loathe spam, we have ethics, and we will not sell, lend, or give your personal information to anyone else. There are only two exceptions to this rule: (1) If you order goods or services from our site, the payment processor or other third parties will temporarily need your name, address and other information so they can fulfill your order; (2) We may turn over personal information if we are legally obligated to by subpoena or court order.

We use your email address only to contact you about specific issues that affect you (such as answering a question or informing you of the status of your order). We do not send you newsletters or other mailings unless we have your explicit permission to do so. And every mailing includes a link so that you may unsubscribe at any time.

Spamming is not allowed on our site. Comment or trackback spam will be deleted, hopefully before we even see it. Comments we mark as spam include (but are not limited to):

  • Comments that are vague or not specifically related to the blog topic
  • Comments that contain an excessive number of links to other sites
  • Comments that link to trash sites filled with useless “content”

We welcome debate and are liberal about protecting free speech, but hateful, obscene, racist, sexist or other offensive stuff will be deleted. Period. We remain the sole judge of what is offensive.

We are only responsible for our own opinions, not the opinions of others. We also are responsible only for our own website(s), not the sites of others. Linking to other sites does not mean we approve of, or even know about, everything on those sites. And, of course, our privacy and site policies do not apply to anyone else’s sites.

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